Dezi :: REST search platform

Dezi is a search engine platform based on Swish3, Apache Lucy, OpenSearch and Plack. Written in Perl, Dezi is conceptually similar to the Lucene-based Solr or Elasticsearch projects: a HTTP-based search platform capable of indexing multiple document formats (HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc) and returning faceted results in a variety of formats (XML, JSON).

See the Git source code repository for the code.

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Try the demo.

IRC on freenode #dezisearch.

Install Dezi from CPAN like any other CPAN module.

Read the documentation.

There are clients for Dezi available (so far) in these languages:

The Dezi UI example shows one example of using jQuery as a client.

This site uses the dezi-for-wordpress plugin. So search for something on this site, and you’re using Dezi.