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Dezi :: a REST search engine platform

Dezi is a search engine platform based on Swish3, Apache Lucy, OpenSearch and Plack. Written in Perl, Dezi is conceptually similar to the Lucene-based Solr or Elasticsearch projects: a HTTP-based search platform capable of indexing multiple document formats (HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc) and returning faceted results in a variety of formats (XML, JSON).

See the Git source code repository for the code.

Join the mailing list.

We’re on Twitter.

Try the demo.

IRC on freenode #dezisearch.

Install Dezi from CPAN like any other CPAN module.

Read the documentation.

There are clients for Dezi available (so far) in Perl, Python,
Ruby and PHP. The Dezi UI example shows one example of using jQuery as a client.

This site uses the dezi-for-wordpress plugin. So search for something on this site, and you’re using Dezi.