Dezi for WordPress

In the interest of eating our own dogfood, is now using the dezi-for-wordpress WordPress plugin to power the search on this site.

Dezi, not Desi

This project came to my attention today: Too bad the name and subject matter is so close to Dezi. A little googling first might have prevented that. But no, Dezi and this new Desi project have nothing to do with one another.

Tiny response format

Just uploaded to CPAN are Search::OpenSearch 0.21 and Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.20. These releases add the Tiny JSON response format and the ability to limit your responses to a subset of the available fields. Now all you minimalists can strip down your Dezi responses to bare bones JSON. Example: curl ‘http://localhost:5000/search?q=foo&t=Tiny&x=’ will return the only the built-in […]

Dezi 0.1.8 released

Dezi 0.1.8 has been uploaded to CPAN. New versions of the PHP, Perl and Python clients have also been released. This new version of Dezi introduces a big performance optimization, in the form of transactions. Previous versions would open a new Indexer on every HTTP request, calling $indexer->finish() on every document addition. While that request […]

New Dezi::UI released

A new version of Dezi::UI is now on CPAN. Version 0.001002 now uses jQuery instead of ExtJS for a lighter weight example. Get it from

Version 0.1.4 released

Version 0.1.4 has been released to CPAN. New in this version is support for Dezi::UI, an example HTML interface for exploring a Dezi index.

Xapian backend support

Dezi now supports a Xapian backend via Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Xapian. You need only configure your Dezi server to use the Xapian backend like this in your dezi-config file: { engine_config => { ‘type’ => ‘Xapian’, ‘index’ => ['dezi-xapian.index'], }, } See the tutorial for more details.