Reserved fields

Dezi is built on top of SWISH::3 and SWISH::Prog, which reserve several built-in field names.

Here’s a list of the reserved, built-in field names:

  • swishdefault
  • swishdescription
  • swishdocpath
  • swishdocsize
  • swishencoding
  • swishlastmodified
  • swishmime
  • swishparser
  • swishtitle
  • swishwordnum

The following method names are reserved in SWISH::Prog::Result which are mapped to the built-in field names:

built-in method
swishdocpath uri
swishlastmodified mtime
swishtitle title
swishdescription summary

Dezi results come from Search::OpenSearch which uses the method names from SWISH::Prog::Result as the default attribute names.

In addition, the SWISH::3 parser aliases some common tag names to built-in fields, in order for HTML documents to get parsed in a more intuitive way. Those tags are title which is mapped to swishtitle and body which is mapped to swishdescription.

Avoid the use of any of these built-in field or method names when you are defining fields in your Dezi configuration. Behavior is unpredictable if there are any namespace collisions.