Swish-e documentation

The original swish-e.org site is no more, but the source code is available on GitHub. As a courtesy, the documentation is available to browse here on dezi.org.

Dezi 0.4.0 released

Dezi 0.4.0 has been released to the CPAN. This release explicitly requires Dezi::App instead of SWISH::Prog and removes all references to the older SWISH::Prog classes.


As mentioned a couple of months ago, Dezi has been Moosified. The final port of the older code has been released to CPAN as Dezi::App. The 0.400 version of Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy uses Dezi::App instead of SWISH::Prog::Lucy. Performance is comparable to the older SWISH::Prog-based code, and should provide a cleaner, more community-conformant base upon which to build.

MetaNames and PropertyNames

The configuration directives MetaNames and PropertyNames are used to define fields in Dezi. The names PropertyNames and MetaNames originate with Swish-e (see the Swish-e FAQ for a description.) Here are some notes on the differences between those two directives and how they are implemented for Dezi with Apache Lucy. The relevant Perl classes are Dezi::Lucy::Indexer […]

Ruby dezi-client 1.1.0 released

The dezi-client for Ruby version 1.1.0 has been pushed to https://rubygems.org/gems/dezi-client. This new version uses the Faraday+Excon HTTP client and fixes a bug with multiple values for GET params.

Dezi 0.2.12 released

Dezi 0.2.12 has been released to CPAN: https://metacpan.org/release/Dezi The Changelog: 0.002012 27 Feb 2014 – fix Config docs re: Dezi::Admin, add auto_commit note – add –auto_commit (–ac) option to toggle auto_commit via cli

Reserved fields

Dezi is built on top of SWISH::3 and SWISH::Prog, which reserve several built-in field names. Here’s a list of the reserved, built-in field names: swishdefault swishdescription swishdocpath swishdocsize swishencoding swishlastmodified swishmime swishparser swishtitle swishwordnum The following method names are reserved in SWISH::Prog::Result which are mapped to the built-in field names: built-in method swishdocpath uri swishlastmodified […]

The –elastic feature

New in Dezi 0.2.10 is the –elastic feature. This option is shorthand for: engine_config => { indexer_config => { config => { UndefinedMetaTags => ‘autoall’, } } } But instead of all that, just pass the –elastic option when you start the server: % dezi –elastic The –elastic feature makes your Dezi server act like […]