Dezi 0.2.10 released

Hot on the heels of 0.2.9, Dezi 0.2.10 has been pushed to CPAN. From the Changes file: 0.002010 12 Feb 2013 * change –elastic to use ‘autoall’ with SWISH::3 1.000006

Dezi 0.2.9 released

Dezi 0.2.9 has been pushed to CPAN. From the Changes file: 0.002009 12 Feb 2013 * add –elastic feature to dezi cli * document strip_markup => 1 in snipper_config

Dezi 0.2.8 released

Dezi 0.2.8 is on its way to CPAN. From the Changes file: 0.002008 8 Feb 2013 * fix about->admin_class reporting * add –admin option to dezi cli, document –admin-class

Dezi::Admin 0.001 released

After many months of rumination and a furious three weeks of coding, the first release of the Dezi::Admin module is on its way to CPAN. You can see a demo of the admin interface here, using the same search index that powers

Dezi::MultiTenant 0.001 released

Dezi::MultiTenant has been released to CPAN. From the documentation: Dezi::MultiTenant provides a simple way to mount multiple Dezi::Server applications in a single Plack app using a single configuration structure. Dezi::Server allows you to serve multiple indexes, but all the indexes must have identical schemas. Dezi::MultiTenant allows you to server multiple indexes per server, and each […]

Dezi::Bot 0.002 released

Dezi::Bot 0.002 has been released to CPAN. Dezi::Bot is a web crawler based on SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Spider, optimized for running parallel crawls across multiple machines, using a shared DBI-based queue and caching framework. The Dezi::Bot can be used to create and update Dezi-ready indexes, mirror websites, or anything else you would expect a web spider to do.

Dezi 0.2.7 released

Dezi 0.2.7 has been released to CPAN. This release has zero new features or fixes, but does include some internal refactoring to support new modules Dezi::MultiTenant and Dezi::Admin.

Dezi for WordPress

In the interest of eating our own dogfood, is now using the dezi-for-wordpress WordPress plugin to power the search on this site.

Dezi 0.2.4 released

Dezi 0.2.4 is now on CPAN. Notable feature in this release is support for LucyX::Suggester which can provide spelling and alternate query term suggestions as part of the standard response. Other packages released in support of Dezi 0.2.4: * Search::OpenSearch 0.23 * Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.13