Dezi, not Desi

This project came to my attention today: Too bad the name and subject matter is so close to Dezi. A little googling first might have prevented that. But no, Dezi and this new Desi project have nothing to do with one another.

Tiny response format

Just uploaded to CPAN are Search::OpenSearch 0.21 and Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.20. These releases add the Tiny JSON response format and the ability to limit your responses to a subset of the available fields. Now all you minimalists can strip down your Dezi responses to bare bones JSON. Example: curl ‘http://localhost:5000/search?q=foo&t=Tiny&x=’ will return the only the built-in […]

Dezi 0.2.2 released

Dezi 0.2.2 has been uploaded to CPAN. This is a security release. Changelog below: 0.002002 13 Sept 2012 * fix security issue with non-idempotent requests to /search URL app, bypassing authentication on the /index URL app. Dezi::Config now has a search_server instance and an index_server instance instead of a single server instance. Requires Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.19.

Dezi 0.2.1 released

Dezi 0.2.1 has been released to CPAN. This release has documentation fixes only. Dezi clients for Python, PHP and Perl are all at version 0.2.0 now, with username/password support added.

Dezi 0.2.0 released

Dezi 0.2.0 has been uploaded to CPAN. The minor version bump from 0.1 to 0.2 reflects a major internal refactoring and a solidifying of the API. The changelog: 0.002000 11 Sept 2012 * refactor all config into Dezi::Config * add optional basic authentication for /index, /commit and /rollback actions * add Architecture doc, flesh out […]

Dezi 0.1.8 released

Dezi 0.1.8 has been uploaded to CPAN. New versions of the PHP, Perl and Python clients have also been released. This new version of Dezi introduces a big performance optimization, in the form of transactions. Previous versions would open a new Indexer on every HTTP request, calling $indexer->finish() on every document addition. While that request […]

Dezi 0.1.7 released

New version of Dezi uploaded to CPAN just moments ago, along with new versions of: * Search::OpenSearch (0.18) * Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy (0.10) * Search::Tools (0.78) * Search::Query::Dialect::Lucy (0.07)

Dezi 0.1.6 released

Happy to announce the release of Dezi 0.1.6 to CPAN. Along with this release are two supporting packages: * Dezi::UI 0.1.3 * Dezi::Stats 0.1.0 There is also a demo of the Dezi::UI module running at

New Dezi::UI released

A new version of Dezi::UI is now on CPAN. Version 0.001002 now uses jQuery instead of ExtJS for a lighter weight example. Get it from

Adding JSON encoded documents

Using the example from the Elastic Search Tutorial: $ curl -XPOST ‘http://localhost:5000/index/blog/post/1’ -d ‘ { “user”: “dilbert”, “postDate”: “2011-12-15”, “body”: “Search is hard. Search should be easy.” , “title”: “On search” }’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ Just add the -H option to explicitly pass the content type as an HTTP header.